As one of the senior program leaders in the Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International community, I wanted to be part of the team that is pulling together to create more safety resources to share online during the pandemic.  We know that being on stay-at-home orders create new challenges for families.  The Kidpower Children’s Safety Comics, available in paperback or as a Kindle e-book, provides a valuable resource that presents core Kidpower safety skills and strategies in a format that is easy to share and practice with family members.  Adult leadership is key in protecting child safety, and right now families are facing changing circumstances.  So I teamed up with fellow Kidpower North Carolina leaders, Center Director Maryjane Hayes, and Senior Instructor Jared Hayes, to create a new webinar, “Parents & Caregivers’ Guide to the Kidpower Children’s Safety Comics.” We demonstrate how to use the book as a teaching tool that covers core Kidpower skills, and how to flexibly apply these skills to a wide variety of situations.   New challenges arise with school on hold and many kids and grownups are working from home or in new situations. Some of the issues that can be addressed with Kidpower skills include:  knowing when to interrupt a busy grownup and when to wait; following new rules about social distancing that determine whether and how to play outside; and how to make a safety plan for rules about answering the door, the phone, or communicating online.  The safety comic is an adaptable, confidence-building teaching tool that provides a great jumping-off point to help you become your child’s most powerful safety advocate.

You can find the free webinar registration HERE